Dental Trauma in Children

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Children go through many vital stages of dental growth throughout childhood, meaning that dental trauma should be taken even more seriously than usual. If your child has recently been in a physical accident and has had a broken, cracked, or knocked-out tooth, they should visit their emergency dentist right away.

Dental Trauma in Children

Below, your local and available emergency dentist in Upland will talk about some of the most common causes and sources of dental trauma in children, as well as available treatment options to ensure that your little one gets the best of care ASAP.

Types of Dental Trauma

There are several common types of dental trauma that children might experience at a certain age. Let’s review them now:

Broken, Fractured, Chipped Tooth

Children engaging in rough play or contact sports might fall and get a chip in their teeth. Broken and fractured dental injuries should be treated right away with a cold compress after rinsing the affected area with warm water. Have your child hold a cold rag or ice to their mouth while you drive them to the emergency dentist.

Knocked Out Tooth

A more serious injury might result in a tooth getting suddenly knocked out, which could open the door to some serious dental issues if it isn’t treated right away. But don’t worry, there are a few steps you can take to treat the problem as best as you can. Try to rinse the tooth with milk and handle it by the crown – not the root. Put it in a clean container with milk and go to your emergency dentist right away.

Item Stuck Between Teeth

A sharp piece of food or a small chunk of hard material can get lodged in between your child’s teeth. Not only is this painful and uncomfortable, but it could spread infection as it pushes the teeth apart.

It’s important that you never try to remove the object using plastic, metal, or other sharp objects. You can try using dental floss to gently remove it. But if you are having trouble on your own, be sure to get in touch with your dentist ASAP.


Some may not consider a general toothache to be a type of dental trauma, but dental pain can be an indicator of a great number of things. Ranging from mild to severe, toothaches might be telling your child that decay or infection is present. Or perhaps an injury occurred that appeared minor but has since turned out to be serious.

A cold compress may ease the pain that your child is experiencing. If the pain persists, try to set up an appointment twitch a pediatric dentistry specialist as soon as you can.

How to Help Your Child Avoid Dental Trauma

There are some positive ways that you can encourage your child to practice better safety in order to avoid more dental pain in the future. Not only can you add child-proof protections to some of the more hazardous areas of the home, but you can also invest in a mouthguard that is custom-made for your child. This will allow them to still play the sports they love while keeping their teeth nice and safe.

Schedule a Pediatric Dental Appointment ASAP

Dental trauma is always serious, even if the pain isn’t very strong at first. No matter what caused the pain or discomfort your child is feeling, it’s important to schedule an appointment at the office of local family dental care in Upland today. While prevention is the best treatment, there are several different solutions available to help your child when they are in a dental emergency situation. Contact us today and find out what your options are now and for the future.