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Are you suffering from a bad case of halitosis? Don’t worry; it sounds scarier than it is! Halitosis is the scientific word for bad breath, and you might have it for many different reasons. Most of the time, you have bad breath because you ate some stinky food. Items like garlic and onions produce a specific bacteria that lingers in your mouth and causes that famous bad breath we all know and hate. Fortunately, there are a lot of foods that fight bad breath actively and prevent your breath from smelling bad as often as it might. 

Our dental experts at My Dentist Upland prepared a list of the best foods that prevent bad breath below. Even better, we have added some simple dental guidelines to help you get rid of bad breath if you happen to wake up with a bad case of halitosis. 

Basil, Parsley, and Other Refreshing Herbs

If you’re a fan of sprucing up your meals with some fresh herbs, then you are already fighting bad breath, and you just don’t know it! Parsley and basil are especially useful against halitosis since they contain chemicals known as polyphenols. The Journal of Food Sciences composed a study where people ate garlic and then ate foods like parsley and basil to see how much it reduced their bad breath. Not to mention, it tastes great with just about any savory dish! 

Citrus and Melons

Not only should you eat citrus and melons regularly to ensure you get a good dose of Vitamin C, but because they provide a natural barrier against bad breath. You should eat these acidic fruits after a particularly stinky meal. Not to mention, citrus and melons fight a specific type of halitosis that is known to lead to gingivitis. This is why citrus is always high on the list of must-eat foods for your better oral health.

Yogurt with Probiotics

How do you fight bad bacteria? With good bacteria, of course! And nothing can do the job quite like probiotics can. The International Associations for Dental Research discovered that eating sugar-free probiotic yogurt a few times a day can significantly reduce the amount of harmful, odor-causing bacteria leftover in your mouth after a garlic-filled meal. 

Other Methods of Avoiding Bad Breath

There are other ways of preventing or decreasing your bad breath that don’t involve eating more food. It’s essential to stay on top of your dental health, not just to get rid of bad breath. It can also prevent gingivitis and other harmful diseases that can be detrimental to your whole body. 

Our experts at My Dentist Upland recommend:

  • Brushing and flossing your teeth after you eat your meals, even after you eat snacks throughout the day. 
  • If you wear a retainer or an aligner, you need to clean it regularly, so food particles do not get stuck in it. 
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated, so your mouth is consistently washed of any leftover food particles or harmful bacteria.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is the best way to avoid the long-lasting effects of halitosis, as well as the buildup of harmful bacteria. 

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It’s important to schedule regular check-ups and cleanings so your trusted dentist can keep tabs on the state of your oral health. Harmful bacteria can cause the gums to get infected, and it can also cause rot and decay in the teeth. 

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