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There’s a reason why clean teeth are known as “pearly whites.” A dazzling smile reflecting shining white teeth can give anyone a boost of confidence. But unfortunately, as teeth are so white, they become prone to staining. And it’s no secret that certain dark-colored foods and drinks can cause the color of your teeth to stain. This is especially true of wine, alcohol, and blueberries. 

But did you know there are many not-so-obvious foods that can stain your teeth as well? From yellow discolorations to dark purple spots, your teeth can get stained in many ways just from the foods you eat. Take a look at the biggest tooth-staining culprits below and learn how a teeth whitening appointment can clear those stains off right away.

Soda and Fruit Juice

Let’s start with the liquids. Soda and juice are the biggest culprits when it comes to staining your teeth. Fruit juices have dark natural pigments as well as acids that not only break down your enamel but cause dark stains on your teeth. Not to mention, soda is one of the worst products for your health and your teeth due to the high amounts of artificial sweetener that can deteriorate your teeth. 

Tea and Coffee

Along with soda, tea and coffee can also contribute greatly to the discoloration of your teeth. Black coffee gets absorbed by your teeth, so those dark pigments and chemicals can really stain your mouth from the inside out. 

Tea has something called tannins, which also contribute to the discoloration of your teeth. Green or white tea is less likely to stain than black tea. 


Tomatoes, especially tomato sauce, has the propensity to stain your teeth. Although it’s hard to get away from tomato sauce often since it is used in so many different food dishes around the world. Tomato has a dark, rich acid and comes with lots of antioxidants that are healthy for your body. You don’t need to omit tomatoes from your diet, but be sure to brush your teeth after eating them. 

Soy Sauce

It’s hard to resist a piece of sushi without dipping it in soy sauce. This popular condiment is not just high in sodium but also contains many ingredients that are known for staining teeth. Try to use less soy sauce next time you visit your favorite sushi restaurant. If an ingredient can stain your shirt, it can likely stain your teeth too! 


Beets stain pretty much everything. If you have ever cut a beet into slices, your family members may mistake your beet-stained hands for blood. The redness can get everywhere, staining your skin, clothing, and tabletop. It’s no surprise that beets can stain your teeth as well. But beets are healthy, so it isn’t a good idea to avoid them. Just be sure to give your mouth a thorough brushing and rinsing in between meals. 


It is always a good idea to get a daily dose of blueberries in your diet. They are rich in antioxidants, iron, and other nutrients that bring health and strength to your body. But if you’re far away from your nearest toothbrush, you may want to think twice before popping a handful of blueberries in your mouth. The blue skin of the blueberry can easily stain teeth. 

Whiten Your Teeth and Get Rid of Stains!

It is natural for teeth to become stained after a lifetime of consuming different foods and drinks. Thankfully, there is an easy and pain-free way to get rid of those stains once and for all. Visit us for a consultation about our teeth whitening procedure and how the process leads to whiter, brighter teeth. For more information, you can contact us online or give us a call at (909) 451-8300 to speak with a friendly representative today!