People Have Missed Regular Cleanings During COVID

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The global pandemic turned the world upside down. With quarantine mandates in place, people have reluctantly stayed indoors for the past 18 months. This has caused people to miss appointments and change old habits that had once been part of a daily routine. Have you missed regular cleanings during COVID too?

People Have Missed Regular Cleanings During COVID

It’s no surprise that people have missed regular cleanings during COVID. Our dentist in Upland has noticed that many patients have missed their regular dental appointments for the past year or so, and now our hygienists are seeing more and more dental cleanings getting scheduled. Fill in your spot before it’s too late! Keep reading to find out why everyone is getting their teeth cleaned and why you shouldn’t wait to come and visit us again.

Dentistry Before and After COVID

The pandemic brought many regular activities to a halt, including getting your teeth cleaned. By the time patients return to our dental offices, hygienists must scrape off an entire year’s worth of tartar and plaque to restore your teeth to good shape again. This much plaque can make it all too easy for a bacterial infection to occur.

Not to mention, dentists are exhausting their bodies scraping off so much plaque lately! If you have survived COVID-19 without any major dental issues, count yourself lucky – but don’t let that luck run out. Make an appointment to get your teeth cleaned as soon as you can, before your oral health conditions get worse.

Why You Can’t Miss Your Next Cleaning

Everyone knows that it is important to get your teeth cleaned on a regular basis. Breaking this routine can have some serious side effects. Some of the most important benefits of regular teeth cleanings include:

Get Rid of Tartar

The only way to scrape off plaque and tartar off of your teeth is with a professional cleaning. Plaque is the result of bacterial buildup from leftover food, and it can harden into dangerous tartar if left untreated. This can lead to infection and disease.

Prevent Gum Disease

One of the biggest elements of your regular dental visit is preventative. You aren’t just there to have your teeth cleaned, but to get a full assessment of your oral health. You can take early steps to avoiding gum disease and other dental maladies. If your gums are unhealthy, a professional can give you treatment right away.

Fill Cavities

When you don’t properly brush or floss your teeth, you can develop cavities in your teeth. These are small areas of infection that will slowly spread decay throughout your mouth. The earlier a cavity is caught, the easier you can get it filled and stop the spread of infection.

Fix Bad Breath

Do you suffer from chronic halitosis? Your bad breath may be a result of unseen dental decay in your mouth. A professional cleaning can get rid of bacteria, plaque, and tartar that may be building on your teeth. Special tools and toothpaste products can refresh your mouth and get your breath smelling better than ever.

Prevent Tooth Loss

The longer you go without a dental treatment, the more you are at risk for major tooth loss. Decay and infection can spread to the root of your teeth, affecting your nerves and even your blood. You may require a tooth extraction to prevent further damage to the rest of the mouth. In order to avoid exacerbating your symptoms, visit a professional right away.

Take Care of Your Teeth in a Post-COVID World!

Now that the world has opened back up, you can resume the normal routine you once had. Make sure to include dental care in your new everyday regimen. Learn more about the benefits of regular oral hygiene when you schedule an appointment with your local Upland dentists today. Give us a call to pencil in your one-on-one consultation!