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Have you received an X-ray at the dentist’s office before? If so, you might be aware of the conversation that patients and professionals are both having regarding this impressive technology. While some worry about the safety of our low-exposure X-rays, others have been using this common form of preventative dentistry for generations in order to identify oral health issues before they get worse. Below we cover the key benefits of dental X-rays.

Key Benefits of Dental X-Rays

Whether or not you feel experienced with dental X-rays, you may need to take some during your next appointment. Today, your dentist in Upland will explain the key benefits of dental X-rays to reassure you about their safety and necessity in providing you with the very best of care.

Dental X-Rays Are Safe

There is a long-standing discussion about the safety of X-rays in a medical setting. The process uses small doses of radiation to capture an image of your bones, helping dentists look inside your teeth for oral health issues that may not be visible from the outside.

The levels of radiation that patients are exposed to are so low that there is almost no risk to you at all. As a safety precaution, however, our dentists will still ask that pregnant or breastfeeding patients not get X-rays until they are done nursing.

You Don’t Need X-Rays All the Time

X-rays are not a necessity every single time you visit the dentist’s office. However, your dentist will want to check up on the status df your oral health every so often. You can expect to get dental X-rays once per year, or maybe once every 6 months if you have any current oral health issues. If no oral maladies are present, you may even be able to go more than a year without getting new dental X-rays.

Discover Problems Before They Develop

The biggest benefit of dental X-rays is that they take a clear image of your teeth from the inside of your skull, showing every angle that your dentist would not be able to see with the naked eye. Using X-ray technology, dentists can identify early symptoms of gum disease, bone decay, periodontitis, orthodontic misalignments, tumors, tooth gaps, and much more. An X-ray could reveal something as a potential health issue if it had not ended up identified so early.

Different X-Rays Are Available

You don’t just have to get one singular type of X-ray every time you visit the dentist. Depending on the offices you visit, you may see high-tech machines that can capture images of your skull like never before.

At My Dentist Upland, we have a state-of-the-art panoramic X-ray machine that captures images of your teeth from many different angles. This helps provide us with a full picture of your dental health without having to touch your mouth at all.

Be Proactive With Your Dental Health

X-rays are designed for early detection, helping you invest in prevention treatments that can stop the spread of decay and disease. Without this technology, certain ailments may not be present until they have grown so large that they are visible on exterior parts of the body. The condition can be so debilitating at that point that full treatment is impossible.

Instead of waiting for the health of your teeth to get worse, you can find out about your health way ahead of time with our new digital dental X-rays. Our computerized technology can accurately pinpoint specific areas of the mouth for closer inspection, helping you get a comprehensive view of your health. Learn more about our X-ray services and schedule a personal consultation with us by reaching out to our friendly staff members today.