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Dental crowns are often prescribed by doctors to restore severely damaged tooth due to dental cavities. These are ‘cap’-shaped like tooth that is placed over the damaged tooth to enhance its appearance and restore its natural function. The damaged tooth undergoes thorough cleaning and reduction to fit the crown in place. The crown is then cemented using a dental adhesive. Dental crowns are made from different materials which include: stainless steel, metals such as gold, porcelain infused with metal, all-resin and all-ceramic materials whose example is the Procera crown.

What is Procera crown? It is a type of dental crown that is made from all-ceramic materials that makes the restoration of your teeth look more natural. Procera crowns function like the crowns made from other materials but they are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are often the preferred choice of crown to restore chipped or severely damaged front teeth. When compared to porcelain infused with metal crowns, Procera crowns look more natural because of the absence of a metal band in the base of the tooth.

Procera crowns are designed and made though CAD/CAM technology thus ensuring that it fits your teeth accurately. They eliminate chances of ill fitting crowns and chair side adjustments which are present when using traditional crowns.

Another advantage of choosing Procera crowns from other crown materials is that these crowns are biocompatible. The risk of allergic reactions is very low and is safe for use for patients with allergies to metal substances. Since it is metal-free, sensitivity to extreme temperature changes inside the mouth is eliminated. Procera crowns also allow the re-growth of gum tissues around the restoration thus making it look more natural.

If you are interested with Procera crowns, talk to your dentist in upland about it.