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A root canal treatment is often thought of as one of the scariest dental procedures. Here are some things you should know before getting a root canal that may help with the fear. If you have tooth pain, be sure to contact My Dentist Upland immediately for any dental emergency you may face.

Root Canal Treatment is Common

More than 15 million root canal procedures are performed each year, and endodontists usually do 25 root canal procedures a week. This is the most common procedure dentists and endodontists perform, so you know you are in quite a bit of company. This procedure is so routine that any endodontist that has been practicing for over a year should be quite masterful at it. If you are afraid of the unknown, just remember your doctor is no stranger to this procedure.

Common Misconceptions

Many of the fears regarding root canal treatment come from misconceptions. Here are some of the common myths that you probably have about root canals, and the truth about what to expect:

  • The procedure is painful. The procedure remedies the tooth pain you already feel. Over the years, this procedure has progressed to the point that you won’t feel a thing. Anesthetics and modern dental practices provide the highest level of comfort and precision. In reality, this procedure will make your toothache go away and remove any pain you are having.
  • Root canals can cause other illnesses. This old wives’ tale was based on completely erroneous data from long ago. Modern dental statistics and research show no correlation between a root canal and other illnesses.
  • Replacing the whole tooth is better than a root canal. Pulling a tooth instead of undergoing root canal treatment will require just as much time and money. You aren’t really saving anything by choosing this route. Any endodontist will tell you that keeping as much of the natural tooth as possible is the best course of action. Root canals have such a high success rate now, there’s no reason to choose a path that is less successful.

What is the Root Canal Recovery Process Like?

You may feel some discomfort and sensitivity after the procedure. Any pain is significantly milder than what you felt before the procedure. Over the counter pain medication is an easy remedy for most discomfort. Because of this possible sensitivity, you should eat soft food and avoid heat the first day or two after the procedure. Additionally, be cautious with chewing around the tooth.


Many patients may view this as major surgery, but it is quite mild in the grand scope of surgical procedures. Typically, the procedure uses local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia. This means that the only part of the body that is being numbed is the area that is undergoing root canal treatment. You will be awake for the procedure, but you will not feel anything. This also means you are able to eat up to one hour before the procedure. The reason most endodontists prefer local anesthesia is that it is much less expensive and it doesn’t take as big of a toll on your body. Also, preparation for the procedure is much simpler for the patient. If you are feeling extremely anxious, general anesthesia may still be an option. However, it is generally overkill for the majority of situations.

Root Canal Treatment in Upland

If a root canal sounds scary, just remember that it will fix any pain you are having from tooth decay or infection. You may be unfamiliar with root canal treatment, but your endodontist performs the procedure more times in a week than you brush your teeth. If you have tooth pain and want to know more about the root canal process, contact My Dentist Upland with any questions you may have.