4 Top Reasons Not to Delay Your Root Canal

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While a lot of patients fear getting a root canal, it is usually an essential treatment that deals with deep-reaching tooth infections. Without getting a root canal in Upland, you may be putting yourself at risk for tooth loss, gum disease, and even deadly infection to your bloodstream. Your dentist understands that a root canal sounds like a scary procedure; however, root canals are very painless and can be performed in a single office visit. Here we have the top reasons not to delay your root canal.

4 Top Reasons Not to Delay Your Root Canal

Many factors contribute to the urgency of your root canal needs. Below, your trusted dentist in Upland will give you the 4 top reasons not to delay your root canal any longer. Get in touch with our friendly staff for emergency dental services ASAP!

No Pain Relief

Root canals can offer instant relief from the pain caused by root infections. Root canals are often portrayed as scary and painful by urban myths. In reality, they can provide instant pain relief. Root canals might be the best way to relieve your tooth pain.

Your Symptoms Will Get Worse

Root canal treatments are necessary to stop decay and infection from spreading. As with any other diagnosis, a toothache that isn’t treated promptly will only worsen. Without a root canal, you can cause tooth decay spread to other areas of your mouth.

Know the Symptoms of a Tooth Infection

To know whether or not you need a root canal treatment, your dentist will ask you if you are experiencing the symptoms of a tooth infection (also known as a tooth abscess), which can include:

  • Bad breath
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Red gums and irritation
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Bad taste in your mouth for a long time
  • You can feel the pain worsen if you sit down or lie down.
  • Radiating pain around your neck, ears, and face

Headaches and fever

Sometimes, an abscess in a tooth can burst on its own. Instant pain relief will be felt when this happens. The pus may leave a foul-tasting taste in your mouth. It is important to see your dentist immediately if you suspect that an abscess has ruptured, as this may also require immediate root canal treatment.

Tooth Loss

Root canals are a great way to save your teeth. Root canals can save your teeth if the infection gets worse. Too much decay will cause your tooth to need to be removed. However, if the infection is in its early stages, you can schedule a root canal to stop it from spreading and save the entire tooth. Root canals kill the nerve of the tooth, but it allows you to keep your natural tooth.

No Health Improvement

Root canal symptoms won’t improve on their own. The problem will only worsen if you don’t seek immediate treatment. Some people believe that tooth pain eventually goes away on its own, but there is a big risk of an underlying issue that only professional dentists can spot.

How Do Root Canals Work?

You will feel less anxious about root canal treatments if you are ever required to. This involves removing the pulp (or the soft, squishy center) from the inside of your tooth. The pulp contains the nerves, blood, and connective tissue. Your trusted dentist will then remove the pulp and clean out the area. This removes any nerves or tissue, but it doesn’t damage the tooth.

Get a Root Canal ASAP

It is important to seek your trusted dentist in Upland even if you are experiencing mild tooth pain. No matter the cause of your oral health issues, if there is a risk of infection, you must get treatment right away. Delaying a root canal will only cause more severe health issues that will be harder to treat in the future. Get in touch with us now and invest in a beautiful, healthy smile!