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Having stained or yellowish teeth are unappealing to the sight of just anyone. These could make you look older, unhygienic, and irresponsible. Stained or yellowish teeth are caused by regular intake of colored foods and drinks, smoking or just simply aging. As you age, the enamel of your teeth starts to wear down and this process can cause yellowish hue to your teeth.Teeth Whitening

Luckily there are many ways to correct this problem. You can whiten teeth naturally or you can whiten them with the use of a bleaching agent, preferably, hydrogen peroxide. Teeth whitening with the use of hydrogen peroxide can be done at home or in dental clinics with the help of a professional.

At home, dental whitening treatments make use of toothpaste, dental strips or mouthwashes that contain hydrogen peroxide as its main bleaching agent. You can also use dental whitening trays at home as long as your dentist was able to explain thoroughly how to properly use them. At home whitening treatments are usually inexpensive however, the results they provide are not instantaneous and can only produce one shade lighter teeth.

In-office teeth whitening or those whitening treatments done with professional assistance are a bit expensive because they provide immediate results and can improve the color of your teeth to a few more shades lighter than its natural color. In-office teeth whitening uses a bleaching gel applied to the teeth and then exposed to a blue light for a few cycles to achieve the whitening effect that you wanted.

You can call or visit your dentist to discuss which teeth whitening that works for you best.