How Different Is A Charter Oak Emergency Dental Clinic to An Ordinary Dental Clinic?

Can You Really Get Dental Implants in One DayA dentist is a doctor for teeth who went through years of schooling and training, to be able to treat various dental conditions. A dentist’s place of work is referred to as a dental clinic, and this is where he treats patients according to their needs.

As a patient, you have the prerogative where to go. You can go to an ordinary Charter Oak dentist or visit a Charter Oak emergency dentist, with capacity and speciality to handle all kinds of tough cases. In essence, dentists in an emergency dental office are the same as one who works in an ordinary clinic. They have the same degree, they took the same exams and hold the same certificates, but their practice will be different in various ways:

  • Training: A Charter Oak emergency dentist will have gone through extensive training in handling various emergency cases. Knowledgeable and skilled of basic dental procedure, he received special training so that he could provide immediate care to emergency cases
  • Working Hours: Since emergency dentists are expected to address emergency cases, and such needs could arise at any time, working hours are indefinite. Dentists in this practice work on-call or work almost 24/7, so they could be readily available to meet various needs.
  • Protocol: In emergencies, the approach is much too different because the necessity will demand immediate care. These treatments rely on speed because wasting time will bring danger. The protocol in emergency dental treatments defies standards because the most important is to resolve the pressing issue, first.
  • Fees: The fees may be a little higher than standard rates, most especially if procedures are performed after hours. The needs of patients are special, so proper compensation will be required for what was provided.

An emergency dentist is any Charter Oak dentist who has added a special feature to his clinic, to cater to emergency cases when there is a necessity. In this setup, he will be working like any normal dentist, but he is caring for special needs of patients.