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Do You Need A Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride is one of the more powerful means that help prevent dental decay. It is a compound mineral which present roughly in all foods and much of drinks like teas and water treatment plants. Fluoride continues to be positively promoted by various professional health organizations for over 50 years. Topical Fluoride This type of fluoride [...]

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Different Ways to Protect A Child’s Teeth

As a parent, I know that it is difficult to guide our children on how should they properly take care of their oral health. We are having a hard time to teach them how to brush, floss and eat a healthy and a well-balanced diet. Trust me, you’re not alone! Dentists would often tell us [...]

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The Value of Good Upland Oral Hygiene Practices

Unknown to many, the maintenance of a  good oral health condition is a partnership between the patient and the dentist. The dentist takes care of your health by addressing issues that are present and by giving you the right hygiene instructions, but ultimately you hold the responsibility of overseeing the health of your oral cavity [...]

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How To Improve Your Oral Hygiene With 5 Steps

Did you know that oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects of your health? Keeping your oral hygiene involves more than just the standard brushing. To keep your teeth healthy and looking radiant it is important to follow these 5 steps: Be aware of your dental needs To be aware of your dental needs [...]

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How do you maintain a good oral hygiene while wearing dental braces?

Those who needed to straighten out their teeth and correct the way they bite usually wear dental braces. When you are wearing an orthodontic appliance like dental braces, it is very essential to observe proper oral hygiene since your teeth is prone to plaque and food particles that got stuck around the bracket and bands [...]

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