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How Do Teeth Whitening Procedures Work?

You have probably seen teeth whitening results before, either on someone you know or on your own teeth. Even the whitest teeth can discolour due to the exposure to excessive colorants found in food, beverage, drugs and other substances; when this happens, this person becomes inclined to seek cosmetic dental procedures, like teeth whitening, to [...]

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What are the benefits and procedures of dental bridges?

As we get old, some parts of our body start to lose its general function like our bones, our skin and most especially, our teeth. When you lose one of your teeth you can’t guarantee that it will grow back just like your childhood years. This is why taking good care of our permanent teeth [...]

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Advantages of Same Day Dental Implants over Other Dental Procedures

For many patients, having teeth extracted or dental implants installed is not the hardest part of the whole procedure. It’s the time in between losing the tooth and waiting for the gum tissue to heal so they can receive a replacement that is more difficult. This could be several weeks or months depending on the [...]

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