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Root Canal Treatment and Its Process

Root canal treatment is the removal of a bacterial infection that has entered the pulp of your tooth. It is a procedure performed by your dentist to repair and rescue a severely damaged and infected tooth. The acid produced when the bacteria from plaque and sugar from the food debris combine, can wear down the [...]

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Save Your Tooth with a Root Canal Treatment

Patients who need to save their tooth need a root canal dentist because of poor oral hygiene or lack of preventative dental care. When detected early, an infected tooth can typically treated with a more conservative procedure. Patients who are conscientious and have their teeth cleaned twice a year are able to keep their teeth healthy because [...]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Root Canal

A tooth that has become infected by bacteria will continue to go on this course unless it is managed effectively. When a patient comes into the dental office to complain a cavity, the dentist will assess the condition to determine whether or not a dental filling is still the ideal solution. A dental infection that [...]

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Maintaining Your Tooth’s Health with Painless Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is a major dental operation. It usually creates anxious feelings in some patients but contrary to its belief, this dental treatment is an instant pain reliever and returns the full function of a healthy tooth. The tooth’s root canal is the capillary running from the base of the tooth to the [...]

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Saving Your Teeth With a Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is concerned with eliminating infection from the root canals of teeth and restoring the supporting tissues back to health. Its main purpose is to save teeth that have been so badly damaged by decay, fracture, abscess, etc. that usual dental procedures cannot fulfill. A root canal treatment removes the infected or damaged [...]

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Is the Procedure for Root Canal Painful?

Many patients at Alta Dental dread having a root canal performed because they have heard that the procedure is painful. While it’s not completely pain free, advances in dentistry over the past few decades have made it much more comfortable than it used to be. In fact, patients who have had a root canal recently [...]

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