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concept image of woman who did not delay her root canal

4 Top Reasons Not to Delay Your Root Canal

While a lot of patients fear getting a root canal, it is usually an essential treatment that deals with deep-reaching tooth infections. Without getting a root canal in Upland, you may be putting yourself at risk for tooth loss, gum … Read more


Don’t Wait to Treat a Tooth Infection!

Is your tooth feeling painful or sensitive? Do you have swelling on one side of your mouth? Are you getting feverish every time your tooth is in pain? These are all signs of a growing tooth infection. And don’t wait … Read more

Dental teeth, mouth, gums dentists teaching model showing each tooth and roots.

Read This Before Your First Root Canal

A root canal treatment is often thought of as one of the scariest dental procedures. Here are some things you should know before getting a root canal that may help with the fear. If you have tooth pain, be sure … Read more