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Woman smiling with cosmetic uses of dental bonding obvious in her teeth.

Cosmetic Uses of Dental Bonding

Don’t be fooled by its name: cosmetic dentistry is an essential part of the dental industry that provides services and treatments for the betterment of your overall dental health. Let’s look at the cosmetic uses of dental bonding. Cosmetic Uses … Read more

Medical concept image showing dental implants can be removed.

Can Dental Implants Be Removed?

Through big and small treatments alike, oral implants have actually been among the most popular corrective dentistry treatments in the world. Lots of clients look for single or complete oral implants after losing their own natural teeth. For a lot … Read more

Older man smiling and wondering if he still has some teeth can he have dentures.

I Still Have Some Teeth: Can I Have Dentures?

When you are missing one or more teeth, you need to put extra work into keeping up with your oral health. As more and more people experience tooth loss, they seek viable tooth replacement options that can restore full functionality … Read more

Pair of toothbrushes in a cup because you missed regular cleanings during COVID.

People Have Missed Regular Cleanings During COVID

The global pandemic turned the world upside down. With quarantine mandates in place, people have reluctantly stayed indoors for the past 18 months. This has caused people to miss appointments and change old habits that had once been part of … Read more

Woman deciding between eating apples or sugary donuts that cause plaque buildup.

Foods That Cause Plaque Buildup

You may not remember what you had for lunch a few weeks ago, but your teeth certainly do. Even when you have a great oral hygiene routine, you can still eat certain foods and drink certain beverages that are really … Read more

how long after extraction can I have dental implants.

How Long After Extraction Can I Have an Implant?

If you are a dental patient with tooth troubles that won’t seem to go away, you may need your tooth extracted. People have their teeth extracted for many reasons, including infection, breakage, and misalignment. Getting rid of a tooth is … Read more

woman wearing glasses

Can Dentures Get Cavities

Any dental professional who is fitting you for a great pair of dentures will tell you that you need to care for them as diligently as you would care for your natural teeth. But why exactly is this necessary? Can … Read more

woman smiling

Importance of White Teeth

How do you feel when you are asked to smile for the camera? Do you have trouble looking at yourself in the mirror every day? You might be dealing with some self-conscious feelings about the state of your teeth. Whether … Read more


How to Prevent Dentures from Falling Out

Dentures are a popular option for patients who need to replace their teeth. Dentures give you the flexibility to wear them with ease, restoring full functionality to your mouth. One of the biggest advantages of dentures is that you can … Read more