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featured image for article about why patients love dental veneers

Why Patients Love Dental Veneers

Dental veneers seem to be all the rage nowadays, and you might have heard about them even if you didn’t recently go to the dentist. Whether you learned about them on TV or through a friend, you might have found … Read more

featured image for what if my dental filling falls out

What if My Dental Filling Falls Out?

Dental fillings are malleable pieces of composite material that fill in holes left by pockets of bacteria and decay. In order to stop this decay from spreading further, a dentist will carve out the infected part of the tooth and … Read more

featured image for what to do if a crown falls of your tooth

What to Do if a Crown Falls Off Your Tooth

Getting dental crowns is a safe procedure with many benefits! Your dentist may add a crown to protect your tooth after you get a filling. Other reasons could be to protect a decaying tooth, to protect a damaged or cracked … Read more

concept of replace dental bridges

When Should I Replace My Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are some of the most popular procedures performed by our top-notch dentist in Upland, providing patients of all ages with a reliable way to keep their teeth in shape and intact for many years to come. But if … Read more

concept of dental bonding as a cosmetic treatment

Is Dental Bonding Only a Cosmetic Treatment?

Whenever you’ve gotten yourself into a bit of an accident and you end up with chipped or cracked teeth, there is an easy treatment for that. Dental bonding can cover up some of the smaller blemishes and polish up your … Read more

concept of dental implants and flossing

Dental Implants and Flossing

For patients with missing, broken, or severely gapped teeth that require extraction, there are a number of dental procedures that can help to restore your teeth back to great oral health. One of the most popular procedures that patients ask … Read more

concept of person asking questions at cosmetic dentist

4 Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is known for offering plenty of solutions for dazzling smiles, bright teeth, and aesthetic satisfaction. Whether you are dealing with cracks or a missing tooth, you can invest in pain-free options such as veneers and dental bonding for … Read more

concept of dental trauma in children

Dental Trauma in Children

Children go through many vital stages of dental growth throughout childhood, meaning that dental trauma should be taken even more seriously than usual. If your child has recently been in a physical accident and has had a broken, cracked, or … Read more

concept image of teen with teeth whitening

Can Teens Have Safe Teeth Whitening?

Patients of all ages are interested in the benefits that cosmetic dentistry can bring. There are treatments available to repair chips and cracks, and in-office procedures to get rid of stains. Cosmetic dentistry can be used to repair or hide … Read more