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Teeth can become painful for a variety of reasons. Tooth extraction can help relieve symptoms. Common causes why your teeth need to be pulled or extracted can be:
  • gum disease
  • irreparable broken tooth
  • abscessed gums
  • crowded teeth
  • impacted wisdom tooth
  • diseased teeth
  • sleep apnea
  • facial pain
  • infection
  • accident or injury to teeth or mouth

At Alta Dental Care, we understand how painful these situations can be. Our skilled team can provide expert tooth extractions. Whether it be an acute emergency or chronic condition. You can rest assured you will be in good care with our experienced dentist.

Dr. Zaveri did an outstanding job on my implant. It was an amazing experience. I highly recommend him. Kudos to his staff for their excellent customer service.
- Robert Jocson

Types Of Tooth Extractions

Regular Tooth Extraction

Exposed pain-causing teeth are the perfect extraction candidates. After a comprehensive oral examination, your dentist will advise if extraction is necessary. If it is, getting the extraction immediately is the best route. Waiting too long can make the symptoms worse.
With exposed teeth, local anesthesia is applied to the problem area. Next specific dental tools are used. These tools help slowly loosen the damaged tooth inside the socket. Until the tooth breaks the hold from the ligament that’s holding it in place.

Impacted Tooth Extraction

Impacted teeth are teeth that for some reason aren’t growing normally. Haven’t broken through the gum line. A lot of factors will determine the exact method of an impacted tooth extraction. Common factors such as how many roots this problem tooth has. And the location of it inside your gums. In certain cases, sedation is done in conjunction with local anesthesia.
The oral surgeon will next create a gum flap. Which is necessary to expose the bone that’s covering the impacted tooth. A small opening is then made in this area of bone covering the problem tooth. Next, the tooth is cut into smaller sections. This makes the extraction possible through the small opening. Finally, the gum flap is positioned back and sutured in place.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth can appear in your mid to late teens all the way up to your late 20’s. Due to their larger size and delayed development, they can wreak havoc on your mouth. By causing crowding and teeth misalignments. This eventually leads to severe pain, damaged teeth, and loss of jaw functioning.
If the wisdom teeth are exposed, then a regular tooth extraction method is the primary choice. Wisdom teeth can also hide underneath the gum line. These situations will need the impacted tooth extraction method.

Replacement For Extracted Teeth

After a successful tooth extraction, there’s an empty space in your mouth now. Depending on the location, some patients elect to get a replacement. At Alta Dental Care, our dental office provides the following replacement solutions:
  • Dental Implants: For single tooth removals, dental implants are a great replacement choice. An artificial root is placed onto the area where the original tooth was. This makes a strong foundation for a permanent or removable replacement tooth. Implants are custom designed to look and feel like your natural teeth. Known for extreme durability, dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care.
  • Dental Bridges: Another great alternative to replace extracted teeth. Bridges are where a false tooth is anchored and supported between 2 healthy teeth. The false tooth can be made of gold, porcelain, or other materials. Bridges will restore your ability to chew properly. Another benefit is that it will distribute your bite force evenly.  Since there will be no more gap where the extracted tooth was.
  • Dentures:  Sometimes all your teeth or whole jawline of teeth need extraction. In these cases, dentures will fill the replacement gap. Dentures are very comfortable in use and wear.  They will restore your mouth and chewing functions. As well as an improved appearance versus a mouth with all missing teeth.

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