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I needed to find a new dentist and found this place on Yelp. I totally understand the 5 stars everyone else gave them! The entire staff was extremely attentive and caring. I got there in pain and walked out after a root canal with a new tooth! They have the coolest technology and the tooth is actually made on site! I found my new dentist! Thanks Alta Dental!!
Nicky Ortega
Amazing!! I am 54yr old and have been to plenty of dentists. This is one of the best I have ever been to. They do everything to make your visit excellent! I just had 3 fillings (2 which had to be replaced) with in an hour. Listened to music on Bose earphones.. And I feel amazing!! Go check them out 😆
Sandra L-I
I had a dentist office that I’ve been going to for YEARS but one of the staff members started making me feel extremely uncomfortable as time went on so finally in 2010 I stopped going because I had enough. Fast forward to the beginning of this year, I did a yelp search for a dentist nearby because well, it had been a year and a half since my last dentist visit and you’re supposed to go every six months.

Alta Dental had all five star reviews and took my insurance so I jumped at the chance to go. I’ve gone three times since January and I love it. The dental assistants are so nice and I enjoy the fact they’re all women because I shouldn’t have the same issue I had with my last dentist office.

Dr. Zaveri is also extremely nice and a life saver. I have TMJ (where your lower jaw bone clicks and pretty much comes out of socket when you yawn, open really wide, and what not) and on my second visit, my worst fear dealing with TMJ came true; my jaw locked in the open position while I was getting a filling. I didn’t quite freak out because I knew the best place to be in this senario is the dentist office because it is a dental problem. But panic was starting to set in when I couldnt speak or shut my mouth. Luckily for my anxiety, Dr. Zaveri remained calm and after about 30 seconds and 3 tries was able to get my mouth to close. I was finally able to breathe again haha.

I definitely recommend Alta Dental
Shari M., Inland Empire
My first experience a couple years ago with Dr. Zaveri was very pleasant, I had not seen a dentist for a while and so I had some fears going in. His office was very clean, bright, welcoming and modern. His team and staff are very friendly and polite, very caring and make you feel very comfortable. My experience was pleasant, I used the headphones provided to help calm my nerves and it was nothing like I had imagined in my head how scary the visit would be. After each visit/treatment I would recieve a follow up phone call from the office to ensure I was good and check on me. I moved out of the area to San Diego and found a local dentist, went in for my routine cleaning and was told that I needed roughly $6000.00 of work done, I was told most of my previous work had gone bad and as a result one of my teeth needed a crown… during this appointment I was very uncomfortable as they were trying to sell me everything from $25.00 mouthwash to invisilne.. to say the least I was quite confused and immediately called Dr. Zaveri for a second opinion. I had the new dentist office forward my xrays and images and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Zaveri for an exam. After my exam with Dr. Zaveri it was revealed that I did not need any of the work that the new dentist informed me I needed, it was disappointing to hear this news because you put trust into the people and businesses you need services from. The crown I supposedly needed was actually a light stain due to my coffee addiction and polished right off.

I am so thankful that I have an honest dentist with high morals. Dr. Zaveri may be out of my area, but twice a year I will be visiting Alta Dental Care.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Zaveri and office for your dental needs!
Michelle T., San Diego, CA
A+ staff and service. My new dentist!!!
Ken M., Rancho Cucamonga, CA
I’m not sure why but I seem to switch dentists every 2-3 years. I guess you can say I won’t be doing that again after visiting Alta Dental. Dr. Zavari and his crew make you feel right at home. His office is equipped with the latest technology and equipment. No more going to a dentist in which they are using equipment and know-how from ancient times. More importantly, what makes Dr. Zavari stand out is his attention to detail. He actually schedules his appointments so he’s not just rushing through yours to get to the next patient. He gives you x-rays and several options to take care of the situation. You can tell he really cares about all his patients.

I really recommend anyone looking for a great dentist to give Dr. Zavari a call. You won’t be dissapointed, I know I wasn’t.
John C., Alhambra, CA
I went to Alta Dental after 5 years of not going to the dentist. It was hands down the BEST dental experience I’ve EVER had. This is saying a lot because I have had countless issues with my teeth since I was very young. As soon as you walk into the office, you’re put at ease. Every single person who works there is ridiculously amazing. I was seen without even sitting down in the waiting room. The technology in this office is light years ahead of everyone else. I was blown away. Dr. Zaveri saw me right away and I was instantly put at ease. He is very warm and caring and gentle. I was not made to feel like a jerk because I hadn’t gone to the dentist in so long. As assumed, there was tons of work that needed to be done on my teeth. And the staff not one time made me feel guilty about it. Rochelle, the fantastic receptionist, then sat down with me and went over what I needed to get done and helped me work out a payment plan step-by-step. This isn’t even her job! I was called the next day to find out how everything had gone and if the office and staff took care of all my issues completely. Keep in mind, this was only a consultation! I hadn’t even gotten any work done yet!

Everything was perfect about this experience. I went in a total of 4 times to finish all the procedures I needed done and not once had an issue with anything or anyone.

Something of note: one of my procedures was a very intense root canal. Dr. Zaveri worked on it for 2 hours and then realized that I needed to see a specialist. Not only did the entire staff work with me to get in to see the specialist right away (during the holidays, no less) but he refunded me the full amount of the entire root canal!!

I can’t say enough good things about this place!!!!
Erin G.Rancho, Cucamonga, CA
This dental office was like stepping into a time warp for me. I’ve been going to the same old dentist since I was about 5 years old and wanted to try something new. The technology is state of the art and blew my mind. The staff and dentist were all very super friendly. I had 3 cavities filled and a partial crown (onlay) and Dr. Zavari personally called me the following day to see how I was doing. I highly recommend this dental office if you are looking for the latest in dental technology.
Joe S., Claremont, CA
Like most people after my last check up and cleaning (five years ago) I moved and never found a new dentist. After some serious sensitivity in one of my teeth I decided to check Yelp for a nearby dentist. I saw all the great reviews for Alta dental and Dr Zaveri and was a bit skeptical, however I was not let down. The staff is very polite and extremely helpful. The office is modern and the technology blows away anything I was used to. All X-rays and fillings etc are done on site and there are some major repairs Dr Zaveri can do on site and in the same trip which prevents you from having to go back and forth to the dentist. Dr Zaveri and his assistant did an on-lay (not sure of spelling) with the Cerec technology and it was awesome. He personally called the next day to check on me. All sensitivity was gone and I will certainly be going back for regular check ups and recommending him to everyone I can.
Josh N., Upland, CA
This office has some very neat technology that made my visit a little more interesting. And you know interesting is good at the dentist because otherwise you end up trying to distract yourself from the drill in your face by concentrating VERY HARD on moving JUST your pinky toe. Or maybe that’s just me. But I got to wear headphones (the nice Bose sound-reducing ones, no less) and listen to my iPod while the Dr fixed my teeths. One of those fixes involved something new for me called an onlay. That’s where they take off the top of your tooth (best not to think about that part), take an image of what’s left, and then use a nifty 3-d modeling program to make a little tooth-top replacement. Not only that, but then, instead of me having to wait for the office to send the data off to get turned into tooth somewhere else, they have a frikkin machine on-site to grind it to exact specifications. And then ten minutes later I got a new tooth.

I ate barbeque about an hour later.

So stop being a chicken and just go get your face fixed up. (Unless you are poor/uninsured, in which case, you might want to take a few other steps prior to the Dr visit.)
Emily C., Inland Empire
I have always been leary of dental offices and the dentist that runs them. Alta Dental is amazing. Dr. Zavari and his staff make this place just incredible. Very relaxed atmosphere and the office technology is amazing. The staff made me feel at ease, immediately.

Carlos, the hygienist, was great and very knowledgeable of his scope of practice. I had an issue with a veneer. Before I called the office to inform them, they called me to follow up and asked how I was doing. I was back in the chair the following week. My situation was taken care of. Great experience! I would recommend this office to anyone.
Jay B., Arcadia, CA
I visited Alta Dental as a first-timer and was throughly impressed with the entire experience. I got a basic cleaning and 6 month checkup.

The office was clean and organized but not sterile. The dental hygienists took digital pictures of my teeth and put them on a computer monitor so they could discuss things with me. Prior dental experiences I’ve had just scoot me along with mindless chit chat, but these guys showed me what healthy gums look like (they should look like an orange peel, who knew??) and answered some random questions I had always been curious about. I felt like I learned a lot during my visit!

Carlos who cleaned my teeth was so friendly and put me at ease. Dr. Zaveri was also amazing. I have nothing negative to say. After my visit I got a follow up email from Alta as well as a personalized one from Dr. Zaveri. It was a nice touch. I’ll certainly be back!
Sarah L., Upland, CA
My daughter just had a root canal, and two fillings with NO PAIN…now that’s saying something! He’s a little on the pricey side, but he accepts insurance and does payment plans. I have ZERO complaints about this office. Dr. Zavari is awesome!
April C., Highland, CA
The best dentist I have ever visited, period. Right when you walk in to the place you feel as if you are visiting a spa in Beverly Hills. The girl working the front desk (Rochelle) is extremely helpful. The dentist, Dr. Zaveri is the best dentist I have ever had work on my teeth. I went in to have some cosmetic treatment done and he did a superb job for me. Specifically, I went in there for Lumineers and he did a fantastic job with them. My sister went in to have deep cleaning done on her teeth and the hygienest (Carlos) did an excellent job with her teeth also. Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Zaveri. He is extremely caring, understanding, steady-handed, and extremely knowledgeable. You can ask him just about anything about dentistry and he knows the answers. If you are afraid of the dentist, go to Dr. Zaveri. He will make you completely lose your fear of dentists and will be a dentist you can trust for life.
Jackie P., Fremont, CA
I sincerely appreciate the kind care and attention I have received. The doctor is wonderful and the staff very helpful and pleasant. Such sincere concern and attention is rare these days.
Theresa, May 2, 2015
40 year old fear of dentist cured. I have been cursed through my entire life with inability to pick a dentist. Decades of horrible experience, wasted money and 5 extractions later ( not counting wisdom teeth) have convinced me to not even bother and simply wait till toothache will become unbearable and then simply extract the bad one. When we moved to the area my nieces have been facing a disappointment after a disappointment with different dental offices until one of them browsing the Internet has stumbled upon Dr Zaveri’s Alta Dental Care listing on Yelp and she was very impressed with the feedback. Since she had a dental emergency she went there hoping that all these positive reviews would hold water. Her experience had brought her back home so elated that when my other niece needed some dental work it was not even a dilemma where she goes. And she came back home with the same awe and both of them had started working on me convincing me that I should fight for my remaining teeth and that I should disregard my decades of horrible experience and simply trust Dr Zaveri. I must say I had put up a fight and it took them few months to almost physically coerce me to visit Dr Zaveri’s Alta Dental Care. Needless to say I have accumulated quite a lot of problems that required massive work that I expected to be extremely uncomfortable basing my expectations on my previous experience and still believing in my curse. However the first thing that started convincing me that my nieces are correct had been my own new impressions that had started piling up in a beautiful mass. Absolutely every aspect of the office deserves the highest praise and that is even before you get to meet Dr Nehal “Magic Hands” Zaveri. To me (a product of XX century) not to experience specific dental odor entering elegant, classy office was already a pleasant treat. And then I was greeted by a small team of stunningly beautiful, knowledgable, soft-spoken, kind, caring dental assistants. They have done tremendous job of answering every annoying question that I had thrown at them explaining every procedure that I was facing in minute detail and make me absolutely comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations. And then enters Dr Zaveri. Kind, understanding, articulate and going extra mile to cater to patient’s idiosyncrasies at a level I did not know existed. Oh yeah, and a very important icing on a cake. Price rates that knocked the competition to the ground and comfortable and flexible selection of payment plans and methods deserves to be mentioned. And now I’m chewing food like a young man again.
Alex, Mar 30, 2015
I am normally one who does not like to go to the Dentist but since I have been coming to your office for service each experience has been quite pleasant. The staff (including Dr. Zaveri) is always friendly and helpful. I appreciate the call back follow up by Dr. Zaveri to make sure there were no problems or discomfort from the procedures
Karen, Nov 17, 2014
I came in with discomfort from a really jacked up molar…i expected just to have a consult and have to schedule something hoping in the near future to end my misery. To my surprise not only was i able to come in on a friday late afternoon but they were able to extract the tooth and insert a bone graft… while right now i have the pain from the tiith extraction im 23457455453498798787976543 times relieved that I will be able to go on with life wiothout so much pain as soon as the area heals. I am recommending Alta Dental to anyone that will listen :)! Very pleased patient. Staff is very friendly too!
Nancy, Jul 12, 2014
Awesome to work with, great attitude….all the ladies seem very nice, fast and professional…
Sabino, May 13, 2014
I had extreme anxiety about going to the dentist, not because of the drilling noise or thinking it was going to hurt, I couldn’t stand the thought of having my mouth numb. Dr. Zaveri was very patient with me and took the time to listen to my concern. He didn’t just nod and dismiss my concerns. When a doctor/dentist listens it means a lot and shows they care! I have had three teeth worked on and everything went smoothly and I will be going back in the future for all my dental needs.
Crystal, Apr 22, 2014
My husband need emergency dental work, and so we were referred to Alta Dental Care by 1 800 DENTIST. I was a little unsure about going to a new place, but our experience with Alta Dental Care has been nothing but positive. The office staff, hygienists, and dental assistants are friendly and efficient. We are greeted promptly and with a smile every time we come. Dr. Zaveri is amazingly professional and takes great pride in his work. I never feel rushed; Dr. Zaveri takes his time and does a great job making sure that I understand everything. I cannot say enough great things about this place! I am so happy we found them!
Erin, Mar 7, 2014
Very clean and friendly staff. They walked me through my procedure and took care of my emergency same day. The dr there is very polite and proficient with his work and the staff called and email me just to see how I was feeling after my procedure the next day.
ALDO, Jan 18, 2014
Greetings Alta Dental Team, Just wanted to drop a note to say THANK YOU for an outstanding job. Allta Dental Team has definately exceeded my expectations. The office is ALWAYS clean and I’m greeted by my name along with a warm smile everytime. My hygienist is absolutely awesome. She is professional and extremely detailed in her work. Her warm smile and pretty white teeth puts me at ease everytime. Dr. Zavari, you have a wonder office with excellent service. Your staff has demonstrated professionalism, friendliness, and has made me feel comfortable. THANK YOU Alta Dental Team for taking care of my dental needs in such a caring and gentle way.
Rosie, Jan 20, 2014
I had a great experience.
Nehal, Jan 13, 2014

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