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Dental fillings are placed in teeth where the tooth structure has been either damaged by tooth decay or fractured. A tooth that is requiring a dental filling will have to be prepared; the diseased tissue will be cleansed and drilled, so that an appropriate dental filling material can be placed.
In the past years, filling materials have been improved to enhance one’s aesthetic appearance. Traditionally, silver amalgam (metal) is utilized as a filling material and although it has long served a satisfactory purpose, it has been replaced by tooth-colored dental fillings.
Even though amalgam fillings (silver fillings) have been used quite a lot for years, today we have other preferable options for tooth restoration procedures which include tooth-colored composite materials and cementable resins and porcelains. Tooth-colored fillings have signified its superiority in so many ways over traditional silver amalgam:
  • Silver amalgam is of a metal material and metal is known as a good temperature conductor, It is heat-sensitive and can be quite uncomfortable and painful to patients.
  • The color of the metal fillings is another great disadvantage because they are quite unsightly and therefore cannot be placed on the anterior teeth where it is very visible on the patient’s smile.
  • To form the amalgam, mercury is used, and although much of it is condensed out of the filling material, there are some content that is not removed and it is believed that it may put you at risk of developing mercury poisoning.
When a tooth requires to be filled, the decayed parts of your tooth need to be removed using a drill and it will be filled with a material that should restore the health and strength of your natural teeth. During a dental filling procedure, the filling material is shaped and modeled to match the look and feel of your natural tooth surface. Many modern materials can be used to mimic the color and texture of natural teeth, so that the result is an aesthetically pleasing and functional dental restoration.
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