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Tooth Injuries from Sports

Being a lifelong athlete comes with its challenges. Starting sports at a young age is fun, but can also lead to some falls, sprains, cuts, or injuries that are not so fun to deal with. Thankfully, there are specific dental … Read more

Foods That Stain Your Teeth

There’s a reason why clean teeth are known as “pearly whites.” A dazzling smile reflecting shining white teeth can give anyone a boost of confidence. But unfortunately, as teeth are so white, they become prone to staining. And it’s no … Read more

How to Prevent Dry Mouth While Sleeping

Many of us are too familiar with that feeling of waking up with a dry mouth. It’s not a good feeling to wake up parched and dehydrated. In some cases, it may even cause you to have a headache when … Read more

Foods that Fight Bad Breath

Are you suffering from a bad case of halitosis? Don’t worry; it sounds scarier than it is! Halitosis is the scientific word for bad breath, and you might have it for many different reasons. Most of the time, you have … Read more

How to Take Care of Your New Dental Filling

You recently visited your dentist and found out that you had a cavity or two. The dentist suggested a filling to take care of that problem. Now that you’ve gotten a new dental filling, you want to make sure it … Read more

Are You Using Your Electric Toothbrush Correctly?

From the moment a child starts developing teeth, brushing becomes an important part of daily hygiene. Growing into adulthood, we develop a habit of brushing so it becomes second nature. Not only is brushing your teeth a recommended form of … Read more

Short-Term Tooth Pain: When to Be Worried

You are enjoying your day, going about work as usual, when suddenly you feel a jolt of sharp pain running up your tooth. Or perhaps you spontaneously get a toothache even though you haven’t been chewing on anything. Maybe your … Read more

How to Tell if Your Bite is Misaligned

A misaligned bite, known in the dental world as malocclusion of the teeth, can cause damage to your mouth in a lot of ways. If you have trouble biting, chewing, swallowing, or even closing your mouth, you may be suffering … Read more

Jaw Popping When Chewing: Should You be Worried?

Jaw popping when chewing is a painful sensation caused by issues with the temporomandibular joints (TMJ). The temporomandibular joints connect the jaw and skull (with one joint on each side). This joint creates a hinge-like movement when you open and … Read more

Which Teeth are Most Painful for Babies?

Teething is a normal part of an infant’s life. This process of developing teeth can be quite painful for them and can become a source of great discomfort. Relief will eventually come with time, but there are also other ways … Read more