What to Do if a Crown Falls Off Your Tooth

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Getting dental crowns is a safe procedure with many benefits! Your dentist may add a crown to protect your tooth after you get a filling. Other reasons could be to protect a decaying tooth, to protect a damaged or cracked tooth, or to restore a severely worn down tooth. However, while dental crowns are sturdy, there is still a risk they could fall out or be pulled out. For example, sometimes sticky foods or very soft foods can cause a crown to dislodge. If your tooth enamel decays, this could also cause a crown to detach. Read on for tips on what to do if your dental crown falls off your tooth!

What to Do if a Crown Falls Off Your Tooth

Contact Your Dentist

If your custom-made dental crown has fallen out, your first step should be to reach out to your dentist for advice and to schedule an appointment. If you need family and cosmetic dental care, reach out to Dr. Nehal Zaveri at Alta Dental Care immediately! Losing a crown is a severe dental emergency and should be treated as soon as possible. Of course, it isn’t always feasible for a patient to make a same-day appointment depending on their schedule. There are certain measures you can take to protect your tooth in the meantime.

Manage Pain

If you are having pain, most drug stores carry dental cement and dental wax. The dental cement could be used to reattach the crown. The dental wax can be shaped into a lump and placed on your tooth to protect it. Be careful, because both of these remedies are temporary! They are just meant to buy you some time until you can see your dentist. Even with your tooth protected, it’s important to avoid chewing with the affected side of your mouth. Soft and sticky foods should be avoided entirely.

You can also use over-the-counter pain medications to manage discomfort while you wait for your appointment. Your exposed tooth will most likely feel very sensitive and sore.

Keep Crown Safe and Clean

If your crown has fallen off but isn’t otherwise damaged, you may be able to have your dentist reattach the crown. If your crown is dirty from food, you can simply rinse it out. Use warm water and gently remove debris from your crown before bringing it to your dentist. If you can salvage the crown, that is a more efficient and cost-effective option than having another one made. Of course, this is not always possible. If the quality of your crown has deteriorated, there’s not much else you can do besides getting a new one fitted. This is why it’s important to make sure you don’t damage your crowns with poor oral hygiene or by eating foods like taffy or caramel candies.

Keep Your Teeth Clean

As we’ve learned, if your enamel decays, this can cause your crown to fall off. As a preventative measure, it’s good to keep your teeth in good health! Of course, good oral hygiene becomes especially important in a dental emergency. Be very careful around the affected tooth. If you brush too hard, you could irritate your tooth or even dislodge the filling that’s covered by the crown. It’s also a good idea to use salt water rinse every time you eat a meal. This will limit the amount of risk to your teeth from acidic foods or food debris left in your teeth.

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If you have a dental emergency, such as losing a crown, contact us today for top-notch family and cosmetic dental care. We offer same-day emergency appointments to accommodate your emergency needs and a number of important services to help your dental health ASAP. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff are always ready to help!