Why Are My Dentures Falling Out?

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If you have missing or broken teeth, you should visit your dentist right away for the best restorative dentistry options. One popular fix includes getting fitted for dentures, which are replacement teeth that can be removed and cleaned overnight. Dentures are meant to give your mouth more function that you may have been missing out on ever since you lost your teeth. They can give you a second lease on life that will help you feel normal and healthy again.

Why Are My Dentures Falling Out?

Some patients might be wondering, “Will my dentures last forever?” and others who may be struggling to get used to their new dentures may ask, “Why are my dentures falling out?” Below, your dentist in Upland will discuss some of the reasons why your dentures might get loose and how to prevent them from falling out.

Reasons for Loose Dentures

Your dentures should not feel loose or awkward in your mouth, although they can take a bit of time getting used to when you first get them put in. If you continue to have problems with your dentures, you may need a repair. At times, dentures can cause the jawbones to shrink, leading to born resorption. Additionally, your dentures may have become damaged due to injury or improper installation. No matter the reason for your loose dentures, it is important to get them fixed right away.

Allow Time for Adjustment

Again, dentures might feel strange when they first go in your mouth. It might take a couple of weeks for your teeth and gums to adjust. Since they might feel big or painful at first. But continue to use them to the best of your ability. You will get used to them until they feel totally normal to you. It’s okay to take things slowly, making sure to only eat soft foods and doing comfortable activities until you feel better.

Dentures Cleaning Process

One of the best ways to prevent dentures from falling out is to maintain a regular cleaning process. It is very important to put your dentures in the prescribed denture solution every night when you sleep so they can clean themselves and get rid of any bacteria that might have built up. Not to mention, keeping them in the solution can help them retain a good shape, so they won’t loosen up over time.

Your dentist will advise you not to wear dentures while you sleep. This can cause the spread of infection, disease, inflammation, or something else that may be very difficult to treat. You can put your dentures in as soon as you wake up in the morning and wear them throughout the day as they continue to make you comfortable.

Avoid Hard Foods

Certain foods may be too difficult or painful to eat if you are still adjusting to your dentures. Soft foods are the way to go. Or small bites of chewy food that don’t cause too much strain to eat. Try eating with both sides of your mouth at the same time. That way, you are not putting undue pressure on one side. Which could cause the dentures to become misshapen. Try to hold back on eating candy or sticky substances while you are wearing your dentures.

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