Do You Need Dental X-Rays Every Year?

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Dental X-rays have been a standard part of routine dental exams for decades. They help detect signs of decay early, monitor the development of teeth in adolescents, and provide a visual check on overall oral health that is not visible to the naked eye.

Do You Need Dental X-Rays Every Year?

A general dentist will usually recommend that x-rays be taken once per year. Two routine checkups are recommended for most patients, including both children and adults. But do you need dental x-rays every year if your routine examinations give you a bill of good health? How often do you really need to go through this? Below, your local dentist in Upland will help you determine how often you should be getting x-rays when you come to visit.

Why Get X-Rays Once Per Year?

To ensure there isn’t any bone loss, jaw malposition, or shifts in the teeth, a general dentist will require x-rays every year. These abnormalities can often be difficult to spot during a routine exam. The general dentist can see the inside of the bones and underneath the teeth with X-rays. This is not possible to see normally. The general dentist might not be able to detect some abnormalities without taking annual x-rays, as this could lead to irreversible damage.

What is the Safety Status of X-Rays?

As long as patients and dentists follow the recommended procedure, there are virtually no dangers from dental x-rays. Radiation levels that you receive during x-rays are so low that they can’t really cause any harm to your body.

Our dental professionals will make sure you are aware of the safety precautions before you expose yourself to x-rays. Before you enter the x-ray rooms, we will ask you several questions. These include whether you are pregnant and if you have any preexisting conditions that could be overly sensitive to radiation.

Avoid Any X-Ray Problems Beforehand

X-rays are often necessary to screen for oral health problems including decay and cancer that can’t be seen from outside. In order to avoid any complications with the X-Ray process, it’s important to practice safety and follow any procedures given to you. An x-ray should only be taken during the diagnosis stage of your dental visit, and should never be used in excess. Patients concerned about prolonged radiation exposure can feel confident that we take this concern seriously.

Minimal Radiation is Key

People naturally worry about radiation exposure from dental X-rays. There is no reason to be concerned. Our dentist is certain that you won’t be exposed to radiation in any way that can put your overall health or safety at risk.

The American Dental Association determined that family dentistry uses the least amount of radiation possible. Patients are advised to wear protective aprons and collars to shield their internal organs from radiation. People who are pregnant should not have x-rays taken under any circumstance.

Why Do X-Rays Still Remain Needed?

Even though technology has advanced over the years, there remain many reasons why x-rays still win. It proves much easier to detect dental problems early than they become serious. It also remains important to recognize dental problems early so that you can take preventative steps that will save you from financial and medical pain down the line.

Many patients have avoided painful root canals, gum disease, and even oral cancer thanks to x-rays that immediately detect the early signs. This diagnostic tool finds use by dentists to identify potential problems and prevent them from becoming more serious or fatal. This proves why it remains still a routine procedure used all across the globe.

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