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CEREC Same Day ImplantsCEREC® stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. It is a dental restoration technology use computers which includes 3D technology and CAD/CAM technology.

CEREC® dentist in Upland CA, Dr. Zaveri is one of the trusted experts of this type of technology. Also, with CEREC® technology, your teeth can be restored  in the same day with quality dental services. This is a time-saving technology which allows you not to visit your dentist multiple times for certain dental procedures like teeth implants. Just imagine having on the same day implants that usually require multiple visits. With CEREC technology you can have new teeth in one day!

This was needed with earlier types of technology in the dental industry. But now with CEREC technology this is a totally new improvement in dentistry. Now you can have your dental implants, same day dental crownssame day porcelain veneers, inlays or onlays completed on the same day you came into the office.

same day dentalCEREC® Procedures at Alta Dental Care

First, the cavity preparation procedure is photographed and stored as a 3D image. Then, proprietary software is used to approximate the restoration using biogeneric comparisons to surrounding teeth. Finally, your dentist in Upland Dr. Zaveri will refine the model using 3D CAD software technology to assist him.

After the design phase is completed, the information will be sent to the milling unit which forms the actual restoration using a solid block of material (diamond burs). The restoration will finally be bonded using a resin cement which will bond the restoration to the tooth.

Here’s what one of our patients say about this highly modern dental technology:

Amazing!! I am 54yr old and have been to plenty of dentists. This is one of the best I have ever been to. They do everything to make your visit excellent! I just had 3 fillings (2 which had to be replaced) with in an hour. Listened to music on Bose earphones.. And I feel amazing!! Go check them out 😆 – Sandra L-I

No more waiting with CEREC® Same Day Dentistry. Alta Dental Care gives FREE consultation to all patients, call 909-985-6116 today!

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Dental Implants in One Day

CEREC® Technology – Upland Same Day Dentistry

Dr. Zaveri will prepare the tooth that needs a restoration (be it an implant, crown, filling or veneer). Then, powder sprayed with a layer of blue anti-reflective contrast material which is then imaged by 3D imaging camera and is uploaded to the CEREC computer.

We use advanced computer technology to restore your tooth’s anatomical features and morphology, allowing it to function normally in your mouth. Then the data on tooth restoration be sent via wireless serial transmission to a milling machine.

Dental implants and crowns can then be made out of ceramic resin or a composite block. The final product will be done depend on the complexity of restoration and the time needed for the final product.

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Perfect Smiles in Just One Visit

CEREC® technology gives you the best aesthetical advancements and fast final product letting you go home with the final product on the same day of your visit!

Upland dentist, Dr. Nehal Zaveri is one of the best in this field of dentistry and will give you quality service to your satisfaction.

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