Do Not Hesitate to Run to Your Trusted Mira Loma Emergency Dentist Mira

slider-22Not a lot of people are diligent enough to visit the dentist on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, some people do not even have a dentist, risking it all and saying “come what may”. Like they do not care for what may happen to their oral health condition—they completely ignore it until a real need presses them to visit a Mira Loa dentist.

What is worse, even, is that even when there is a Mira Loma emergency dental case at hand, they will still hesitate to take needed action. Sometimes even when there is danger, people will hesitate to make a move. But if you are a wise person, you should not think twice about seeing a Mira Loma emergency dentist, especially during a serious problem, so that you can avoid related complications.

The following are some examples an emergency Mira Loma dentist works with and the complications that will follow if you ignore it:

  1. Broken or fractured tooth. A tooth can fracture or break, usually due to a physical blow and when this happens, you need to see a Mira Loma emergency dentist because if the pulp has been exposed as a result, extreme sensitivity could follow, bringing excruciating and debilitating pain. A broken or fractured tooth may need pulp treatment so this is immediately provided to avoid complication.
  2. Dislodged or broken components of dentures or braces. If any components of your braces or dentures get dislodged, you need to secure it or have your dentist make necessary repairs so you do not injure yourself or accidentally swallow anything loose.
  3. Fractured or broken jaw. If you broke your jaw because of an accident or physical blow to the face, you need to immediately visit an emergency dental clinic because the dentist will need to secure it so that it is not mobile anymore. If it is not properly immobilized, the unnecessary movement will hamper tissue healing. The jaw bone is often immobilized by metal plates or wires. When bone is sufficient, splinting will be enough, but if bone has been shattered to pieces, grafting will be necessary.
  4. Avulsed tooth. An avulsed tooth is tooth that was taken out of the socket because of a blow. The tooth was not broken; it was taken out in one piece, as if it was extracted. If you do not see an emergency dentist right away, the tooth will be most completely and you will need dental prosthesis. If you were smart enough to visit a Mira Loma dental office in good time, you can save the vital tissues and the tooth can be replaced in the socket.