When Do Your Need to Visit a San Dimas Emergency Dentist?

dental bondingYou visit your dentist when you have problems with your teeth or your smile. The dentist is the teeth specialist, and when there are problems or issues that concern you, you will need to schedule an appointment so that you can present your case.

Everyone is encouraged to have a San Dimas dentist who will address their dental needs. You may not have an immediate need for one, but you keep this contact and you maintain this relationship open, just in case the need arises. Accidents can happen and when such problems strike, you need to be diligent enough to know what to do and to know where to go.

The following conditions should send you to a San Dimas emergency dental clinic:

  1. Physical blow to the face and mouth. If you endured a physical blow and your mouth is bleeding from the accident, you need to try to control the bleeding with cold compress but you need to run to a San Dimas emergency dentist right away so that he could assess the condition right away. The source of bleeding will be located: if there is a wound it will be cleaned and sutured; if there is a fracture, it will be remedied as needed; and if there is an exposure of vital structures, proper address will be provided. A physical blow to the face may result in broken teeth, jaws, avulsed teeth and soft tissue lacerations—depending on what is seen by the San Dimas dentist, the right treatment is immediately forwarded.
  2. Broken prosthesis. Anyone wearing a dental prosthetic knows that it is merely a temporary replacement to teeth that was lost. While it could provide permanent function, understand that anything can go wrong. Even the most expensive dental prosthetic can break, fracture and get dislodged. If this happens and you cannot be without it, you will need to see a San Dimas dentist and have it repair or replaced, even temporarily. Wearing broken prosthesis may bring you more problems so be smart enough not to wear it.
  3. Surgical complications. After a dental surgery, minor or major, patients usually heal normally but there are some instances when the healing process won’t come as expected and there will be complications. There may be profuse bleeding, dry socket, teeth fragments getting into maxillary sinus, nerve impairment, jaw fracture and so forth. All kinds of things can happen and some patients will only find out about the problem after they have left the dental office.

There may be other emergencies that will push you to visit a San Dimas emergency dental office. Whatever it is, do not hesitate to let a San Dimas dentist handle it. Do not try to troubleshoot the problem on your own.