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Any dental professional who is fitting you for a great pair of dentures will tell you that you need to care for them as diligently as you would care for your natural teeth. But why exactly is this necessary? Can dentures get cavities the same way that real teeth can?

Before you get dentures in Upland, take a look at our quick guide to get answers to all of your questions about dentures. While these replaceable teeth might not be able to form cavities the same way as your real teeth can, they can still cause an infection that will lead to rot or decay.

Can Dentures Get Cavities

If you are a dental patient with a full set of dentures, meaning you do not have any of your natural teeth left, it is impossible to get cavities. If you still have some remaining teeth alongside your partial dentures, it is still possible to get cavities throughout your mouth.

Cavities form in deep crevices and canals of your teeth, spreading decay to their roots. Once this decay digs in, it creates an infection in the form of a cavity. Without immediate treatment, this could spread rapidly to the rest of the body and have disastrous health effects.

What are Dentures Made Out Of?

Dentures cannot get cavities because they are not made out of the natural materials that our own teeth are made out of. Dentures are immune to tooth decay because they are made of plastic, acrylic, and metal. These substances are not part of your organic body and are not connected to your tissues.

Cavities and decay happen most often in parts of the mouth connected to the roots, which act as a gateway to the rest of the body. So, if you are worried about what oral health issues you might encounter with dentures, keep reading.

Staying Clear of Cavities with Dentures

It is important that you treat your dentures like you would your real teeth. Just because your dentures can’t get cavities does not mean that they still cannot contribute to a buildup of bacteria and decay. You need to take care of your dentures with several daily hygiene habits alongside brushing and flossing your natural teeth.

  • Keep your dentures healthy and long-lasting with these tips:
  • Don’t use bleach or whiteners when you clean your dentures
  • If your dentures are bent or broken, visit your dentist immediately and do not attempt to repair them yourself.
  • Do not sleep with your dentures on.
  • Remove and rinse your dentures every time you have a meal or a snack.
  • Schedule regular dental visits to have your dentures checked often.

Maybe your dentures are causing you pain, sores, or a mouth infection. In such cases, stop wearing them and visit your dental professional right away. Good dentures should fit perfectly and be long-lasting. The right set of dentures will make you feel like you don’t have anything in your mouth. Well, except for your natural teeth.

Restore Full Functionality to Your Mouth with Dentures!

At Alta Dental Care, we offer efficient and long-lasting solutions to help you restore your mouth to good health. Are you missing one or several teeth? Then dentures may be the best restorative dentistry option to get your mouth back to good working shape. Still, you don’t have to worry about getting cavities with dentures, but you should still check in with our top Upland dentist for a regular appointment to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape. Get in touch with us now and schedule a private consultation with our experts to get the best care plan. We look forward to helping you establish a routine of great oral health!