How to Prevent Dentures from Falling Out

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Dentures are a popular option for patients who need to replace their teeth. Dentures give you the flexibility to wear them with ease, restoring full functionality to your mouth. One of the biggest advantages of dentures is that you can remove them at will, placing them in a solution overnight to clean. So, let’s look at how to prevent dentures from falling out?

How to Prevent Dentures from Falling Out

If you don’t take care of your upper dentures or your teeth, they can fall out when you least expect it. This annoying problem is only prevalent when your dentures are not fitted properly or there is an oral health issue. You can do several things to avoid this happening, but it requires you to practice good habits. Below, our dentist in Upland will how you how to prevent dentures from falling out of your mouth.

Give Yourself Time to Adjust

When your dentures are first fitted in your mouth, they may feel strange. You might think they don’t fit at first, but your mouth needs some time to adjust to them. Over time, your remaining teeth, gums, and bones will adjust to the shape of your dentures, making them feel like the new normal.

Just go slowly and be patient with yourself. Speak slowly, eat soft foods, and reach out to your dentist if your dentures are causing too much discomfort and pain.

Keep Your Dentures Clean

Denture maintenance is critical to a good denture fit. You need to clean your dentures every day – just as you would clean your real teeth. You can use a toothbrush to get rid of plaque or food particles. Just make sure not to use any toothpaste!

You should also soak your dentures to clean them. Instead of cold or hot water, you should use warm water every day. Soaking them in this water can keep their shape, preventing them from loosening up and compromising their snug fit.

Remove Your Dentures When You Sleep

You should never wear dentures when you sleep, unless you are specifically advised to do so by your dentist. Studies have shown that sleeping with dentures increases your risk of infection, plaque, disease, and inflammation. Certain food particles and plaque that has built up on your dentures will start to affect your mouth the longer they are there without being cleaned. It is overall better for your oral hygiene to take your dentures out while you sleep. During this time, they can soak in warm water and remain clean for you.

Be Careful When You Eat

Hard foods are one of the biggest threats to your dentures. If you eat food that’s too hard, you might ruin them. Not to mention, when you are first wearing dentures you may experience trouble eating. All of these are reasons to start eating slowly and gently while you adjust to your dentures.

Take small bites of your food and only eat soft food if you can. Things like yogurt, pudding, and eggs are a good idea when you are still getting used to your new dentures. Be sure to avoid sticky or chewy products, as well as anything with a crunch. Use both sides of your mouth at once when you chew so your dentures remain in place.

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