What Makes a Smile Attractive?

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When you see someone with an incredible smile, you are much more likely to find them attractive. A great smile is something that sticks with you, and you will always remember that flashy and gorgeous display of joy. Think about some of your favorite celebrities who have been praised for their great smiles – Tom Cruise, for example!

What Makes a Smile Attractive?

So what makes Tom Cruise’s smile so outstanding? What makes a smile attractive? Many components can determine whether a smile is hot or not, from tooth size to tooth whiteness. Below, our Upland dental experts will explain how dental hygiene has a big impact on beautiful smiles.

Teeth and Gums

The first thing you notice about someone’s dazzling smile is their teeth. The second thing you may notice is their gums. The amount of tooth and gums being displayed in the smile can really make a difference between a great smile and a not-so-great one. Someone who is confident and happy will show you a full smile, exposing those teeth and gums. On the other hand, a person without that self-confidence may only smile a little, with just some teeth and gums showing, making the smile less attractive.

Position of Teeth

It is natural to have a bit of dental misalignment. Most misalignments or crookedness in the teeth can easily be fixed with an in-office dental procedure. For the most part, some misalignment is nothing to be concerned about.

Major misalignments, however, can turn an otherwise great smile into a turn-off. A key component in determining the attractiveness of smiles is the position of the teeth. People can tell when teeth are misaligned or if they are too big for their position in the mouth. The shape, angle, tilt, and position of teeth in the mouth can truly make all the difference.

Color of Teeth

Probably the biggest and most visual component of determining an attractive smile is the color of the teeth. Teeth get yellow over time due to certain foods and drinks that stain the enamel. Certain bad habits like smoking and drinking can also quickly discolor the teeth. This gives your smile an unhealthy appearance, which others will notice.

According to a study done by the ADA, smiles are the most attractive physical feature on a person, as many people find smiles more appealing than eyes, hair, or body shape. The best way to eliminate yellow discoloration on the teeth is with a professional teeth whitening procedure, which our Upland dentists offer as an affordable in-office option for improving your smile.

Spacing of Teeth

Some teeth are too far apart from each other, or way too crowded. This type of misalignment can have a big impact on a smile, especially if the teeth are super spaced out. Gaps between teeth create dark spaces, which may look creepy or unattractive to some. If you are worried about the spacing issues in your teeth, you can invest in a corrective procedure at Alta Dental Care. We offer restorative dentistry procedures such as braces, Invisalign, and dental bonding.

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Our in-office teeth whitening Upland procedure is a quick, affordable, and efficient way of removing that unsightly discoloration from your teeth, restoring your pearly whites back to their dazzling whiteness. A bright smile is one of the most attractive features a person can have. With our procedures, it is easier than ever to win back an attractive smile.

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