Why Do My Molars Hurt When Eating?

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Your molars, also known as the teeth in the back of your mouth, are very sensitive despite how big and strong they are. If you feel pain in them, you may wonder why do my molars hurt when eating?

It is not normal to feel pain in your molars. But when you do, it’s important to pay attention to any underlying symptoms. At Alta Dental Care, your most trusted dentist Upland has, many of our patients express tooth pain and sensitivity while eating. It is more common to feel sensitivity on your front teeth than on your molars, so once they begin to hurt, there is a clear sign that something is wrong.

Your molars might be in pain due to tooth decay, an abscess, or just way too much spicy food. There are treatment options available to get rid of your pain and restore your molars to good health.

Causes of Molar Pain

The most common causes of pain in the back teeth include:

Tooth Decay

If you are like most American adults, you have visited the dentist at least once in your life to get a cavity filled. A cavity is created because of tooth decay, which forms when bacteria and food particles are leftover in your mouth.

If your molars are in pain due to a cavity, you will likely feel a throbbing or sharp pain in the back of your teeth. It is critical to get this treated right away. According to Healthline, if the inflammation caused by cavities persists, it could cause permanent tooth damage.

Sensitivity to Heat and Cold

While there still may be another underlying issue, it’s possible that your teeth are hurting because they are just overly sensitive to hot and cold foods. This can happen when the enamel of your teeth has worn off.

Enamel is the protective layer that coats the surface of your tooth. It keeps harmful particles away, and it protects it against different temperatures. When your enamel is worn, it is more difficult to resist these temperatures.


You might have an abscess in your tooth. This is a pocket of infection just under the gumline, where the roots of your teeth are. This abscess is filled with pus and can be very painful.

It is also a clear sign of a tooth with advanced infection. If it is not treated quickly, you may need to invest in molar removal Upland services. You might need a tooth extraction or a root canal procedure.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is also known as gingivitis in its early stages, and periodontitis in its advanced stages. No matter what stage of gum disease you have, it can have some serious effects on your molars. As the disease wears away at your gums, your teeth are left exposed way more than they should be. This could make chewing painful and make your molars hurt when eating.

Teeth Clenching and Grinding

Do you suffer from bruxism? This is the scientific word for grinding your teeth. A lot of people grind their teeth while they sleep, so it can be hard to recognize the condition. The symptoms that come from it, however, are clear as day: sore teeth, a sore jaw, trouble opening and closing your mouth all the way, and pain while biting.

Preventing Pain in Your Molars

You can take steps to prevent these conditions from causing pain in your molars. If your molars hurt when eating, it can impact your daily life. Make sure to invest in good nutrition, and don’t stock up on sugary sweets. Sugar is what leads the way for infection.

Don’t bite down on hard things that could damage your teeth. This includes popcorn kernels and ice cubes. Make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once. Keeping up with good oral hygiene is the key to avoiding unnecessary pain and infection in your mouth.

Protect Your Molars Today!

If you are worried about the pain you are feeling in your molars, you can reach out to your Alta Dental Care specialists in Upland. We offer tooth extraction and root canal services to help get rid of your pain and wipe out whatever infection might be spreading.

Contact us at the first sign of tooth pain; the longer you wait, the more serious the issue can be.