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featured image for key benefits of dental x-rays

Key Benefits of Dental X-Rays

Have you received an X-ray at the dentist’s office before? If so, you might be aware of the conversation that patients and professionals are both having regarding this impressive technology. While some worry about the safety of our low-exposure X-rays, … Read more

featured image for what if my dental filling falls out

What if My Dental Filling Falls Out?

Dental fillings are malleable pieces of composite material that fill in holes left by pockets of bacteria and decay. In order to stop this decay from spreading further, a dentist will carve out the infected part of the tooth and … Read more

concept of dental trauma in children

Dental Trauma in Children

Children go through many vital stages of dental growth throughout childhood, meaning that dental trauma should be taken even more seriously than usual. If your child has recently been in a physical accident and has had a broken, cracked, or … Read more

concept image for inlays and fillings

Are Inlays and Fillings the Same Thing?

Tooth decay occurs when bacteria build up on the teeth. If left untreated, decay can spread deeper into the tooth and cause a cavity. You have a better chance of avoiding infection if you sign up for custom dental care … Read more

woman getting dental x-rays for featured image

Do You Need Dental X-Rays Every Year?

Dental X-rays have been a standard part of routine dental exams for decades. They help detect signs of decay early, monitor the development of teeth in adolescents, and provide a visual check on overall oral health that is not visible … Read more

Dentist looking at x-ray for cavities under fillings

Can Cavities Form Under Fillings?

Have you at any point had a cavity? Assuming this is the case, you know the drill – in a real sense. You can visit your dental specialist to get the infected area loaded up with a composite filling, fixing … Read more

Up close image of a jaw and dental crown

The Lifetime of a Dental Crown

Dental crowns can save the integrity of your natural tooth, allowing you to keep as much of it as possible while improving the form and function of your mouth. Most dental crowns are built to last a very long time … Read more

Illustration of dental bridges

Preparing for Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a popular restorative dentistry procedure that can assist those who have trouble chewing or speaking due to missing teeth. No matter if you are replacing one or multiple teeth, bridges can be the perfect solution for you … Read more

Woman deciding between eating apples or sugary donuts that cause plaque buildup.

Foods That Cause Plaque Buildup

You may not remember what you had for lunch a few weeks ago, but your teeth certainly do. Even when you have a great oral hygiene routine, you can still eat certain foods and drink certain beverages that are really … Read more