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The wisdom teeth are the four permanent teeth that form in the lower and upper corners of the mouth. Many people don’t have enough space in their mouths for the third set of molars, which can cause damage to surrounding teeth when they grow in. Your local dentist in Upland recommends wisdom tooth removal when third molars are fully developed with roots, but not yet through the gums. These teeth are still developing and they have not caused alignment issues by pressing against other teeth. Our guide is here to help your teen get ready for wisdom teeth removal.

Helping Your Teen Get Ready for Wisdom Teeth Removal

While this can happen at different times for different patients, most wisdom teeth should be removed between 16-19 years old. A lot of teenagers have to go through this experience as their teeth may start hurting them during this part of their lives. Below, we will list the steps to helping your teen get ready for wisdom teeth removal.

Before the Procedure

We provide you and your teenager with a list of instructions to follow before and after the procedure. These instructions should be discussed fully with your child to help them understand the process of recovery. Depending on the state of wisdom teeth and the removal process, the recovery period can take up to a week. The instructions also include suggestions for foods that your child can consume during the healing process. Discuss with your child what soft foods you would like, and make sure to buy them in advance.

Your child shouldn’t eat or drink anything for at least six hours prior to the procedure. Because this is something that requires surgery. Listen to the instructions given to you by your dentist so you and your child both know exactly what to expect.

Understanding the Sensations You Should Expect

Your child should be prepared for wisdom tooth removal, which is a lengthy procedure that will require surgery. They will probably have a lot of questions about how much the procedure will hurt, how long it will take to recover, and what else they can expect during the process. These are some facts that you might want to share with your child:

  • There will be some pain. There will be some pain following surgery. This reality is something that can be mentally prepared for and can help patients to feel more confident and patient. For the following days, we will often provide prescription painkillers. Prescription medication should be dispensable using your best judgment. Your child is the best judge, so you should be kind and prudent when prescribing painkillers.
  • Rest is key. As the sedative medication that we give will still be flowing through their veins, it will be natural for teens to take a nap. They may believe they can get back to normal the next day. The best way to heal your body is to rest for several days following surgery.

Post-Op Instructions are a great way to prevent prolonged pain! Our instructions will ensure that blood clots at surgical sites heal properly, particularly after surgery. This will prevent dry sockets and other painful conditions from developing during the healing process.

For additional questions and answers regarding wisdom teeth removal, you and your child should feel encouraged to schedule an appointment with us right away!

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